A gate is the very first interaction anyone has with your home and is the introduction to your space. It can be a unique statement piece or simply a warm and inviting welcome all the way from the bottom of your driveway through to the entrance of your abode. Whether your gate is surrounded by walls or by a fence, our originally designed doors are considered to suit our clients' aesthetic and security needs.

We manufacture all our Wrought Iron Doors and are privileged to have created Wrought iron gate master pieces. Our unique products will add individuality, value and elegance to your house or business and show off your taste.

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Why Wrought Iron Doors?

Property Value

The value of your property is affected by the quality of the fixtures such as range hoods, railings, and even your entry doors. Upkeep on your home is a constant battle and installing low or zero maintenance elements such as wrought iron doors helps maintain and increase the value of your property.

Visual Appeal

While your primary motivation might be security, wrought iron doors are the stylish way to provide this layer of additional security. Custom wrought iron doors provide understated, elegant, and a bold statement of style that is seen by all of your visitors or customers. Whether you're entertaining guests or welcoming potential clients a set of stunning wrought iron doors make an impression.

Exceptional Security

Burglary is a reality of living in just about any city in the world now and keeping your home or business secure is serious business. The sight of imposing wrought iron security doors is a major deterrent for these would be burglars. When they see a home that has invested in wrought iron doors they choose easier targets. Wrought iron doors are much harder to break into than wooden or glass doors. Provide a 24/7 layer of security for your business and home and enjoy greater peace of mind.

Light & Visibility

Another great feature of wrought iron doors is that they are strong and durable enough to include glass elements. That means the wrought iron does the job of keeping you safe and secure while the glass lets in natural light. You can use frosted privacy glass, or clear glass to make it easy to see who's at the door. With Artistic Alloys & Design we make it easy to customize the perfect balance of light, security, and privacy for your home or business.

Simple Upkeep & Maintenance

Wrought iron's beautiful finish is baked right in and is easy to keep looking great. Just use an oil soap to keep them looking shiny, clean, and beautiful. Unlike some alternatives you won't need to care for them as often or use any special polishes to maintain their appearance.

Incredible Durability

Wrought iron doors are an investment that can last a lifetime. Artistic Alloys fabricates wrought iron doors to last many years with extreme quality welding. The design, fabrication, and installation is all done to the highest imaginable standards to provide lifelong durability. While wood core doors are rotting, steel cased doors are separating, a wrought iron door will endure and continue to perform.

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